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Annual Dinner Gala

The LGLA Annual Dinner Gala has historically been the largest event that LGLA holds each year. The event honors individuals and organizations that have made unselfish contributions to education, human rights and equality for the LGBT community over a substantial period of time. For the past ten years the LGLA Dinners have been themed to spotlight important issues affecting the rights of the LGBT community including marriage equality, military service, adoption and employment. The event also honors LGBT law students with scholarships and also serves as the induction ceremony for new incoming LGLA officers.

Featured on the Prior Annual Dinners link below are reproductions of the original LGLA Annual Dinner theme programme artwork circa 2004-2014. These artistic graphics and photos were created by local LGBT artists to promote the annual dinner gala and amplify public awareness of the critically important social and political issues affecting the local and national LGBT community including bullying, youth suicide, LGBT military service, equal employment and housing, political involvement, modern family structures and marriage equality.

Prior Annual Dinners

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